NZ Hospitality Championships

September 18 - 20, 2022

Emerging talent will tout their skills and creativity in front of judges, in what was formerly known as the NZ Culinary Fare.

3 stacked days of competitions will feature competitors from all levels of training- ranging from secondary schools through to speciality industry classes.

Competitors will vie for esteemed titles such as ‘NZ Chef of the Year’, ‘NZ Barista of the Year’, ‘Cocktail Champion of the Year’ and ‘Training Establishment of the Year’.

Cheer them to victory.

It’s free of charge to view the competitions and cheer on your favourites, just register to attend Hospitality Summit 22.

The Hospitality Championships is where the industry comes together to celebrate talent.

Participants express their creative flair and culinary skill and are judged by a panel of experts.


Open classes comprise 17 events including Barista, Live Kitchen, Static and Restaurant Service.

Competitors entering in the required events may also qualify for:

  • Pastry Chef of the Year

  • Commis Chef of the Year

  • Chef of the Year

  • Barista of the Year

  • Cocktail Champion of the Year

  • Service Person of the Year


These events are suitable for any student currently enrolled in a New Zealand qualification in Culinary Arts, Hospitality or Baking. These may include students of Te Pukenga Subsidiaries, Private Training Providers or Apprentices.


These events are suitable for any student currently enrolled at a New Zealand Secondary School (years 9-13). Competitors will ideally be studying food technology at NCEA level 2 or 3.

Team & Specialty.

Curry Cup

Competitors are to prepare and present ten main course portions of their best curry. This event will be open to public to come and try the team’s product and vote on the best curry at the show. $2.00 per curry tasting with the proceeds going towards Ronald McDonald House.

Curry Cup Criteria

Bed Making

An individual timed competition in Bed Making

Bed Making Criteria

Restaurant of the Year

This is a team competition made up of a 4-course meal with beverage match. All course components and beverages may come in prepared (but not essential). Your competition menu will feature dishes from your restaurant menu. At least one component in each course throughout your menu must come from local suppliers from your restaurant region.

You will need to prepare:

  • Bread platter for 3 guests

  • 6 x Entrées

  • 6 x Mains

  • 6 x Desserts

Emerging Chef.

An individual event with the competitor being no older than 27 years old.

Each competitor will have two hours to present to the Judges a 2-course menu for six guests.

1 x Akaroa Salmon 1.5 kg whole, gutted salmon will be provided for the entrée.

3 x NZ Beef Cheeks and 1.5 kg Beef Sirloin will be provided for the main course.

Please note spaces are limited and entries will be taken on a first in basis.

For further information please contact our Salon Director

Sandi Eickhoff

Email us at


Competitors are to supply two copies of their recipes and one dish description card for each dish. One copy is to be given to the judges at the start of the class, and the remaining recipe and dish description presented with the dish.

Description Card Template

Description card is how the dish would be described on a menu.

Recipe Card Template

Where a recipe card or menu is required for the class, competitors must submit this prior to the competition.

General Rules and Regulations

Think what you have got what it takes to be the best?

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